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War Update

Drehpehs, Apr 12, 12 10:16 PM.
The two recent Wardec's have come to an end. 

BLKPC Webpage Under Construction

Drehpehs, Apr 12, 12 10:14 PM.
Please be patient while construction is underway. 
Blackstar Privateer Consortium [BLKPC]

"non est ad astra mollis e terris via"
There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.

Designed to be a privateers co-operative and a corporation that grows with and around its members.  We currently conduct mining and PvE activities in Empire High and Low Sec, and all aspects of C2 and C3 Wormhole space.  We operate NBSI in WH space. If you are passing through, declare your intentions or risk being fired upon (see below for diplomatic contacts).     

Current Operations:
☼ Co-operative Mission Running
☼ Incursions
☼ Mining Operations
☼ Manufacturing
☼ Exploration

What BLKPC can offer:

☼ Access to Level 4 Missions both within BLKPC and in co-operation with others and working towards the Level 5 capability.
☼ A Welcoming and Helpful Environment for New Players
☼ 5 million SP limit
☼ Corporate Incentive Program for non-combat goals
☼ Low 3% Tax Rate
☼ Orca supported ops
☼ Ventrillo

For more information, Contact:
Jay Joringer
Fish Evans
Ludis Drakava
Batatmoox0939 Saisima

Or Join "Blackstar Pub"

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